What’s The Best Alternative To Nice Hash?

Well if you didn’t hear.. one of the worlds largest bitcoin mining pools nice hash was recently hacked and around 70M of bitcoin was stolen, including about 50 bucks from me! Bastards!

So one might ask.. what is the best alternative to nice hash?

Well by far the best option i would say is minergate.

I have been using minergate on and off for a couple of years and have had little trouble with them. You can mine Ethereum, ether classic, Monero, bitcoin gold, Zcash and a few other coins. The coins you mine are stored in your own wallet.. so i think this will be much harder to hack than nicehash.. as each wallet would probably need to be hacked, although i could be wrong on this.

Minergate has a really easy to use interface, just download the software and start mining, you will be up and running within 2 minutes.

You can mine on Windows, Mac, Android and Ubuntu.

Take a quick look at the software below:

You can do merged mining, which means mining a couple of coins at once, with one in the background. You can also mine multiple coins at once, depending on how many cores your CPU and graphics card has. Simply store the coins in your wallet.. and send them to a exchange like binance if you want to exchange these coins for Bitcoin.

I have used this software for a long time without any trouble.. and minergate is probably one of the biggest mining pools online, and i think by far is the best option for people mining crypto currency on a home computer.

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