WCX – Low Cost Exchange – Get 50 Free Tokens

WCX aims to be a low cost exchange, something i certainly welcome. The exchanges are charging crazy fees to transfer money, sometimes up to 15 or 20$ for one transfer! WCX is currently offering 50 free tokens when you register your email on the platform.

Currently there is not much at all available on the WCX platform, the site is very simple, although they have a nice looking white paper which explain’s it all. I thought i would post this one up as i am always on the lookout for free token giveaways and bounties, and thought i would share this with my readers.

You can invite your friends and earn 50 free tokens + 5% of anything they buy during the token sale, and if you sign up using one of these affiliate links like mine here.. you will get an extra 15% WCT if you purchase during the ICO stage.

These tokens can also earn you a percentage of profit generated on this platform, which is a great reason sign up and invite as many friends as possible.

Click here to claim your 50 free WCX tokens!

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