Viuly – Decentralized Video Streaming Platform

Viuly is a new decentralized video streaming platform similar to Youtube. With Viuly users can earn VUI tokens by posting videos, comments, watching videos and generally interacting with the community.

One of the best features about Viuly is that they have a live platform running right now, and the system seems to work well. Users can upload videos and have them displayed on the site within a few minutes without too much trouble.

Another feature i really like is the ability to have multiple video channels running on one account. So say if i wanted to run an ICO review channel, i can do that along with running a gaming channel, my grandmothers recipes channel or any other idea i can think of – this is something Youtube does not offer.

Here is the official viuly promotional video which explains the system:


Viuly is another great looking platform for earning crypto currency, and personally i love to see these. The possibility of earning crypto currency by simple uploading and watching videos online is another great addiction to the crypto currency eco system.

Click here to register your account on Viuly and get 10 free tokens.




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