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VectorZilla is currently running an ICO to create a digital content sales platform on the blockchain, in fact it will be the worlds first AI driven stock graphics platform that will use deep learning algorithms to track movements on the website and use this data to show customers exactly the content they want.

The system can also learn what content is making the most money and display this first, along with using other simple AI algorithms to increase sales and productivity on the platform.

This marketplace will be fully transparent and allow users to subscribe to the platform and gain access to graphics at an affordable price. Content creators will get the best rates for uploading and creating digital content since everything is automated and transparent.


One of the main features of VectorZilla is the content library, at least 25M USD worth of digital content will be put onto the site once it’s launched.

The Vectorzilla system can be used as a white label for selected partners, which means other websites will be run on this platform and generate sales for VectorZilla.

Partners can even use an API function to sell digital content on their own website with the click of a button, and all sales go through this system and use the VectorZilla token.

Different applications and plugins can easily be created to allow millions of webmasters to plug digital content into their own websites via the VectorZilla website. This will allow VectorZilla to access millions of different webmasters and offer them digital content and membership to the site.


One of my favorite features will be the graphics editing suite which will be run online via your web browser, you can login from anywhere in the world.

Vector Zilla aims to create some of the most powerful online graphic editing tools and offer them to customers on a subscription basis, similar to the way Adobe does now with it’s range of products.

The digital goods market runs into the billions and is only growing.

Blockchain based digital stores, affiliate programs and digital content exchange markets will see millions more transactions done on the blockchain and will only add value to the different blockchain networks.

Here we can have a look at the token information, a total of 100 million VZT tokens will be created, and they are around 80 cents each. The price of the tokens is fairly high compared to some ICOs, this is because of the content owned by the company.

Around 25M of content is currently owned, and a large proportion of the ICO funds raised will go to creating and buying more content to add to the platform which will increase the value of the business dramatically.


For larger investors, the pre sale is running for 9 days and offers some good bonuses for early investors.

Here is a quick look at the pre sale offers from the VectorZilla website:




And finally, one of my favorite things about this project is the team!

They have a HUGE, experienced team which is great to see on crypto projects, and have already raised over 200 ETH as of writing this article.

I love the group photo of the VectorZilla team, and if you check the VectorZilla website you will see many more of the partners and advisors worldwide also.


Click here to register for the VectorZilla ICO.

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