UcoinCash – Bitconnect Clone

Here is another good looking bitconnect clone, UcoinCash which is about to go through the ICO stage. The ICO for this coin starts in 7 days, and the coins will be selling for 80 cents each, with a max supply of 30 million coins.

I have written about other bitconnect clones that have increased massively in price before, and i thought ucoin cash could be an interesting one.

There are 4 ways to earn money with ucoincash, lending, mining, staking and buying / selling ucoincash for a profit.


Here are the rewards for staking ucoincash, it starts at 11% per month and by 2020 the interest earned on ucoincash you hold in your wallet will be down to 1.5% per month which is still a decent return, especially since it’s compounded interest.


You can easily mine ucoincash with a GPU or CPU, the reward per block is 50 coins which could be worth a fair bit, so i am sure there will be lots of miners on launch ready to earn a quick profit. Both solo mining and pool mining will be available, let’s hope with the ICO money they put that into making some easy to use software for mining, perhaps even built into the wallet itself.


These are the different lending options available, the more you invest the quicker you get your capital back by the looks of it. Although i will always say, please never invest any amount you can’t afford to lose all of these bitcoin investments are super risky, although the rewards can be very high too.


Here is a quick look at the dashboard. It shows your bitcoin balance, Ucoincash balance, ethereum balance and USD balance. Along with this you can see your lending history, todays earnings, total earnings and the total amount you have lent out.


The wallets for UcoinCash look nice and work well, you can deposit bitcoin, ethereum or UcoinCash coins.


This is the ucoincash trade platform, where you can exchange bitcoin and UCH coins. The exchange won’t be open for 37 days, well after the ICO has ended.


Lending will begin in 41 days which is also long after the ICO, this should give the devs time to launch the wallet, mining software and mining pools, along with whatever else is needed to launch this new altcoin.

Ucoincash looks like the system has been well made so far and the ICO is picking up momentum. It will be interesting to see what this coin will be worth in a years time.

With all of these bit connect clones, they are very risky investments and you should never put in more money than you can afford to lose. I am going to throw in 50 or 100 bucks into each of these ICOs to test them and report back here on the blog.


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