Terra Miner ICO Has Raised 500k

Recently i invested into Terra Miner ICO, and am pleased to announce they have raised over 500k so far.

Now there are plenty of cloud mining scams out there, and perhaps Terra miner will be just another one in a long line of shady investment deals gone wrong.

The reason i invested into Terra Miner was a few simple reasons:

  1. The operators have made videos and press releases with their names and faces.
  2. The operators currently run a mine and have the technical knowledge to set this up.
  3. The return on investment offered by Terra miner is more realistic, with one coin selling for around $5, and paying a return of 70 cents per month.

Here is the video from owner and founder Pavel Kuznetsov:


Here is a podcast put out by Pavel, although alot of it’s in Russian, perhaps it will be translated soon, i will post here if so.


This is the ICO video explaining the investment opportunity.

I have often said if these investment companies actually did real mining or real investments the returns could be amazing, and it would be possible to do compounding very easily with this system, all you would need to do is purchase more tokens from your earnings.

This would keep increasing the size of the mine, and the size of Terra miner the company itself.

Payments from mining should start in December, be sure to check back soon as i will be posting my results, if this thing is real the possibilities could be amazing.

Stay updated – Register for an account here on Terra Miner.


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