Terra Miner – Buy Shares In A Bitcoin Mining Farm

Now there are plenty of bitcoin mining scams, in fact mining scams are a dime a dozen and i have often avoided them.

Although yesterday i did actually invest into Terra Miner.

The reason i found Terra miner to be more legit, is simple because the owners have all put their names and faces on it, have recorded videos of their mine and themselves talking, and these guys already have a bitcoin mine running.

Terra miner is currently running an ICO, trying to get funds to upgrade the bitcoin mine and move it to China where electricity is much cheaper.

Check out this short video from the owner and director, Pavel Kuznecov.

And here is another short video explaining Terra Miner and the business plan specifically.

By purchasing TRM tokens you will be buying shares in the company and receive rewards based on how many tokens you hold. The current price of TRM coins is around $5USD, and ROI from each coin is around $7 per month.

Could be a great investment, as long as its not just another mining scam.

Click here to visit Terra Miners website.


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