Steemit – The Social Media Network That Pays You Crypto Currency

Steemit is a blockchain based social media network that pays you crypto currency to write articles, post comments and interact with the community.

Steemit was the first blockchain social media network, and has over a million registered users. Steemit has a very good crypto currency community along with thousands of users posting articles on every topic you can imagine, from cooking and recipes to life and travel, you can see a whole world of peoples lives and stories and it’s all recorded on the blockchain.

Some of the top steemit users are earning thousands of dollars for one article.. although this is not at all and easy thing to do as it takes a very long time to build up followers. The idea is when you have enough readers, when you a write new articles you receive lots of upvotes and comments, which is how you will earn your most of your steem dollars.

Here is a good example of a useful steemit account – @newcoinupdates

This account is like an alert system for new crypto currency coins and blockchain based projects, you can find out about new tokens and coins as soon as they are launched by following this account. Use your imagination and try to create useful posts with information people want, and above all make sure you write about something your interested in and actually like writing about, it will make all the difference in the long run.


This is how a whale makes 15,000 in two hours..

A good explaining on how to use start using steemit..


This video explains where does the money come from on steemit..


Steemit can be a funny little hobby, writing about whatever your interested in and possibly earning some crypto currency along the way. Who knows, if you write enough good content and make enough friends you could become a whale and end up with a full time job out of it.

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