Spectro Coin + Bankera Could Be A Winning Combination

I think Spectro Coin + Bankera could be a winning combination, and i will tell you why.

Spectro coin is a cryptocurrency exchange that has a debit card attached to it, meaning you can buy and sell bitcoin along with many different altcoins, and then spend them at any atm world wide.

The Spectro coin product is live and working, and currently spectro is launching a new product which could be very interesting indeed.

The new product is Bankera, a cryptocurrency banking platform. By holding Bankera tokens you will be paid dividends from the companies profits, so basically you will own shares of a global cryptocurrency banking system.

There are currently a few ICOs and systems in development for creating online crypto currency banks, although Spectro has the advantage of having a working product and a loyal userbase already in place, so i feel this makes the chances of the Bankera ICO performing well much higher than most initial coin offerings.

Bankera will work like most banks, earning profit from payments, loans and deposits, and investments in crypto currencies and ICOs.

The bankera ICO bounty program works through Spectro coin, so to refer users you will first need to sign up for a spectro coin account.

Next, once you have signed up for your spectro coin account, you will need to get your referral code.

When logged into your account, click the profile icon:



A drop down menu will appear, click the referral link:


Next you will see this page, this is where you can find your referral link. This link is also your referral code for the Bankera ICO.

Here are the instructions on creating your referral code from the Bankera ICO website:


So for example, here is my linking code for Spectro coin – https://spectrocoin.com/en/signup.html?referralId=3105241050

And here is my Bankera referral code – https://bankera.com/?ref=3105241050

You can earn from this program on multiple levels, from referrals, purchases on the ICO, and then transactions done on the Spectro coin exchange. It will be very interesting to see if this cryptocurrency banking platform catches on, and if the dividend payments are worth the initial investment, check back soon for more info on this new bitcoin investment platform.

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