SnapCity ICO – GEO Location Adventure Game

SnapCity is an interesting concept for a blockchain based game, it’s a GEO location adventure game where users are rewarded for going to certain locations and taking photos. Challenges will be posted by Snapcity themselves or other users on the system. By taking up a challenge, users will earn reward tokens which they can sell for cash or redeem at different businesses participating in the platform.

The idea behind this system is to provide effective advertising for different businesses around the world.

Businesses can put up challenges and bring thousands of users to their location. Businesses can offer discounts on products and services, and accept payment in snap tokens.

SnapCity provides an interesting business marketing opportunity for business owners, and an engaging and fun platform for users to earn money and rewards.


Take a look at the SnapCity promotional video here:


The ICO will be running for the next couple of weeks, and payments can be done in Ethereum. The total supply of Snap tokens is 200 million, and the ICO price is 25,000 Snap tokens per 1 Ethereum.


Here is a video showing you exactly how to purchase your Snap tokens:


SnapCity provides a win win situation for all involved, users can earn rewards and play a fun game, and businesses will have a unique and powerful way of advertising their businesses and bringing in new customers.

Click here to register for the SnapCity ICO.

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