Smart Holdem – Blockchain Based Texas Holdem

Smart holdem is a new blockchain based texas holdem application that is currently in the ICO stage. They do however have a working prototype of the system, along with a team experienced in not only blockchain developement but playing and running texas holdem tournaments themselves.

The idea behind smart holdem is to create a blockchain based system that is fair and transparent, and can’t be tampered with.

There will be a max supply of 240 million tokens, if however some are unsold those tokens will be divided by all the investors.. so we may all end up with some free coins at the end of this which would be nice.


One of the best features of this token / coin is it’s a dividend paying asset.. up to 6% of each game played is distributed among the token holders, via a POS method called super blocks. Each block reward can be shared among many users holding the token. What this means for you that by holding the tokens you will earn a share of the companies profit just by holding these tokens.

The design of smart holdem is clever, and with an experienced team and a live product i am willing to invest a couple of hundred bucks into this one and see how it goes. However with all ICOs and online bitcoin investing you should never invest what you can’t afford to lose.. i am willing to have a punt on this one as i think the odds are good.. plus i love playing texas holdem 🙂

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