Refereum – Decentralized Gaming Platform Working With Steam

Refereum is a new decentralized gaming platform which allows users to earn crypto currency by watching games, playing games and selling games.

Refereum has one of the best affiliate programs i have ever seen, allowing users to earn free Refereum tokens by retweeting, connecting to discord chat, joining the telegram group or inviting other users to the platform. Refereum has been able to recruit themselves a fairly large following already, with one of the biggest social media profiles of any new altcoin.

Refereum is working with some big names including one of the biggest gaming platforms steam to create a fantastic platform for promoting new games on. This system provides crypto currency users and gamers the ability to earn themselves some free refereum / free bitcoin just for playing and watching games.. sounds like a great job to me!

Gamers can get paid for playing these games and streaming it to their users, so they actually get paid for playing games.  Other users can even get paid just for watching these live gaming steams. Game creators have a fantastic platform here to promote new games on, getting users engaged with their product and allowing them to build a community around it.

You can also buy any of these games with Refereum, and if you want to easily get free games just refer a bunch of friends using the referral link provided and you will earn enough points to buy all the games you ever wanted without having to spend any of your own money.


Here are couple of preview videos of a game called Fortnite Battle Royal.. this one to me looks really awesome – it looks like a bigger and better version of one of my favorite games team fortress 2, a cartoony style 3d shooter where you run around and try to kill everyone. This virtual world looks massive i can’t wait to play this one.. You can download Battle Royal here for free and get 200 refereum points added to your account when you do so.


Here is another really great promotional video for battle royal, it shows how the game is just a big massive map with all kinds of cool turrents, tanks and buildings to play around with.. and everyone just runs around and tries to kill each other free for all style.


Here is a quick look at the affiliate system and how it works. While the ICO is running your Refereum points get you in the running to win refereum tokens. If you can get into the top 100 referrers, you can receive 20,000 tokens. Get into the top 10 and your looking at 100,000 tokens, while the top users will receive 250,000 Refereum tokens, worth a cool $25,000 USD at ICO price.


The Refereum ICO will be running around the next 2 weeks, so you still have plenty of time to invest. The total supply of Refereum is 5 billion, and the ICO price is 1 cent each. With a live platform and a handful of awesome looking games, a huge social media presence, the best referral program i have ever seen and the fact Refereum is working with Steem makes this project look very lucrative indeed.


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