– New Blockchain Game Where You Earn Money Playing is a new blockchain based game that where you can earn money by playing the game.

Set in the old gold rush days, this game reminds me of some old Amiga prospectors game i played back in the day and got totally addicted too. But now.. it’s with crypto currency and we can mine real gold my playing this game!

Stake your claim, setup your miners and start earning yourself some bitcoin! The game runs on PGL tokens, which you can trade on exchanges for bitcoin or any other crypto currency.

Currently the price of PGL tokens (gold in this game) is very cheap, at around 10 cents each and the supply of gold is low, limited to 220m coins.

Prospectors will be launching the alpha version of the game in 7 days, i managed to get a few sneak preview screen shots from the admins of the prospectors telegram group, check them out below:



Check out the prospectors promo video here:


Click here to join the Prospectors telegram group for announcements!!

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