OgNasty – Trusted Arbitrator and Escrow Judge.

If you are looking for a trusted and reliable arbitrator and escrow judge, I would like to put forward Ognasty for the job. Ognasty is fairly new to bitrated although he is doing very well so far, having achieved more than 25 reviews and 78 vouches already.

Why would one want to use an escrow judge or Arbitrator, an escrow agent.

A few reasons come to mind:

  • Making large transactions online with strangers
  • For selling/buying cryptocurrency from anyone other than an exchange
  • Protecting yourself from online scams

When doing larger transactions online, it’s very important to use an Escrow service.

For example: You want to buy 1 bitcoin from someone, but you are wary you will not receive said bitcoin.

That bitcoin can be placed into an escrow account, along with the payment for the bitcoin. Then comes along our trusty escrow judge OGNasty.. who can say yes this transaction is legit and good to go, please complete transaction.

It’s a great way to do large and risky transactions online, although the main thing you need is a trusted escrow judge.. it’s very important you go with someone you know.

So let’s take a look at OGnasty’s bitrated profile. Still fairly new on the site, although he has a perfect rating of 100%, along with 25 good reviews and 78 people vouching for him.


Let’s take a look at people who vouched for OGnasty’s escrow arbitrating services. Many good comments, not a single bad one. Having dealt with him myself, i found OGnasty to be very friendly and reliable.


Here is a quick look at some of the comments people have made about his services. His service is fast, honest and reliable, as reviewed by many different customers.


Here is a short video explaining the services bitrated offers, and how the escrow and trust management system works.


OgNasty – Trusted Arbitrator and Escrow Judge – Profile link


And as a special deal for readers of blogforbitcoin.com – OGNasty will refund 5% of his fee, for the first 5 customers using his Escrow services.

Just mention blog for bitcoin and this post to receive your discount.

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