Oa Lend Coin Has A Good ICO System

So i am currently trying out the different bit connect clones, and have been trying to buy tokens on the different platforms for a week now. Nearly all of these ICOs have a system where the coin will go on sale at a certain time, and everyone just buys them all at once. You can’t get in, the coins are gone in seconds.

For example homeblockcoin, i tried 3 or 4 times to buy tokens, but they are sold out within seconds, literally. I had to wake up 3 hours early to be online the second the ICO started, but even that was not good enough.

With Davor coin, i stayed up until 3 in the morning to purchase them. The second they were available, the second they were gone lol..

Now i can see this being a good tactic to increase demand for the coin.. but..  it’s fucking annoying. I just wanted to buy some of your tokens, how much time should one invest into trying to purchase said tokens?

This is why i thought i would do a quick post about OA lend coins ICO system. I was able to purchase tokens immediately after signing up.

The coins started at 50 cents each, and then increase in price as most of the ICOs do. But the tokens are always available for sale, once so many are sold the price simply increases.

This means anyone can come and buy the tokens immediately. I do hope other ICOs take a look at OAlend coins model and use it accordingly.


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