Multibot Cloud Based Automatic Bitcoin Trading Platform

Multibot is a cloud based automatic bitcoin trading platform, that is currently in the ICO stage. The ICO is progressing well, and the idea behind multibot could be very profitable, so i thought this may be a good ICO to consider investing in. The creators of the system have a working demo, and have successfully traded on different cryptocurrency exchanges.

Multibot has a max supply of 25 million tokens, although if some are unsold during the ICO they will be burnt, so the max supply may end up being smaller.  The price of the MBT tokens are $1, the price won’t keep increasing as it does with many initial coin offerings, all coins will be sold for 1 dollar each.

The best feature of multibot, is that by holding these ERC20 tokens you will receive 50% of the profit made each month by multibot.

Simply hold these tokens in your ethereum wallet, and you will earn dividends for the life of the system.


And here is the multi bot promotional video, worth taking a look at:


Bitcoin trading can be very profitable and people are certainly making money with auto trading bots. Again with all ICOs and online bitcoin investing it’s very risky and you should never invest more than you can afford to lose. I will throw in 50 or 100 bucks to test this system and will post my results after the ICO.

Multibot will also offer a free trading bot, click here to register your account.



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