Just Invested Into Tokenpay – And Here Is Why.

So just now i invested into the Tokenpay ICO, and i am going to tell you why.

While looking around for different coins and ICOs to invest in, i decided to take a second look at tokenpay.

What stopped me investing at first was the high minimum investment, 0.01 bitcoin which is around $160 or $170 at the current bitcoin rates, and for this i am only getting 60 TPAY coins which values them at around $5 each, which is fairly high compared to some other investments into innitial coin offerings i have made, with many new coins selling for around the $1 mark at ICO stage.

But today i changed my mind, and this is why i invested into tokenpay.

Tokenpay has a small supply of 25 million coins, and will run on the POS (proof of stake) method of mining and securing the network, which is one of my personal favorite ways to mine for cryptocurrency. It’s energy efficient and good for the environment, and can be VERY profitable if you buy the coins early for a low price.

With bitcoins limited transaction capacity reaching a boiling point, new solutions need to be found to allow more transactions for lower fee’s.. transactions are constantly getting stuck in the network. and if you guy’s don’t remember.. bitcoin was supposed to be a cheap alternative way to send money.. it was supposed to cost a few cents per transaction! Remember those promises?

The time is ripe for coins such as ethereum, EOS and other high capacity blockchain networks to rise, and i feel tokenpay might be able to get a good slice of this action.


First and foremost, Tokenpay has an assortment of very nice looking and fully functional wallets, ready to download right now. On offer are wallets for Windows, Linux, Android and Apple, so virtually everyone is covered. Only users holding coins in the desktop wallets will be able to stake coins and earn rewards, as the system uses graphics card mining power to secure the network.


Also available is a nice looking branded cold storage paper wallet and key generator. This is the most secure way to hold cryptocurrency, and having the paper wallet available right away along with the web wallets is a nice touch, and extremely important for securely holding larger amounts of your wealth.


The main thing that sets Token pay apart from other coins, is 30% of the funds raised during the ICO will go to buying a bank in Vanuatu or perhaps some other offshore style bank, this will allow tokenpay to be integrated into the global monetary system, allowing you to buy and sell crypto currency with your bank accounts, and being able to withdraw cash from atm machines worldwide, purchase items online or in real world shops.. basically do all your daily banking transactions on the blockchain.


If tokenpay is able to purchase a bank and interconnect with the global banking system, it will allow the system to do marchant processing for all types of businesses. Anyone in the world can accept token pay and convert it to cash, or any other crypto currency.



One of the features i personally like is the ATM card, is token pay completes this part of the project, we will have a fantastic little decentralized banking system available, where you can transfer in any crypto currency, exchange it for cash and go and spend it anywhere in the world.


Here is a look at the coin distribution and the fund allocation, as mentioned above 30% of all funds collected will be used to purchase a bank, and another 30% will be put into the exchange liquidity. 15% of all funds raised will be used to cover operational costs, 20% is going to the development team, and 5% will go into marketing.


Here is the informational video provided by token pay, it’s a well made video and it explains the system well, it’s certainly worth watching before you consider investing into this initial coin offering.


Token pay will be 100% secure and anonymous, offer secure encrypted messaging inbuilt into the wallet, along coin mining inside the wallet via POS mining. They have a good sized, experience team along with a working product, and have already raised 594BTC, just over 10M dollars, and it’s only the first stage, so funds should not be a problem either, just need to get themselves hooked up to the banking system and get that ATM card in our hands.

I will keep an eye on tokenpay and let everyone know my results here on the blog for bitcoin!

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