JSECoin – Web Based Mining Coin

JSECoin (Javascript Embedded Cryptocurrency) is a new web based mining coin that is based on Javascript, it allows anyone to run a crypto currency miner on any website by just using a simple piece of code.

Regular home users can simply load the JSEcoin website up and start mining crypto currency through the inbuilt web miner, making this one of the easiest ways ever to mine crypto currency.

The whole system runs on JSEcoin, which can then be converted into bitcoin, ethereum, dash, litecoin or any of your favorite crypto currencies after the ICO and once JSE hits the crypto exchanges.

So how easy is it to start mining crypto currency with JSEminer? Well let’s take a look:



As soon as you register your account, login and click on the mining page.

Just click start mining, and away you go. You will see in real time your hash rate, how many hashes you have found, today’s earnings and your current balance of JSE coins.

JSEcoin is a great way for entry level users to get into cryptocurrency, all you need is computer and an internet connection and you can start mining right away. It’s very easy to start and stop the mining so you can leave it on when your not using your PC and turn it off when you want to play a game or watch a movie, although if your PC is fast enough you probably won’t notice it if you left the mining running all the time.



One of the best features of JSEcoin is the web based mining system. Website owners can easily plug the JSE miner into their own websites and earn profit, or allow their users to mine crypto currency through their own websites. This gives web masters another way to earn money, and strengthens the JSEcoin platform. Millions of websites can run this little script, which will keep the network very secure and fast, and make it much harder for 51% attacks to happen.



Another one of the main benefits JSEcoin has over other crypto currencies is the energy efficiency of the JSE platform. It all runs on CPUs, so no expensive miners that burn huge amounts of electricity. Often this mining power will come from computers that are already turned on and being used, so the energy increase and energy foot print of JSE coin will be very low.



JSEcoin allows anyone around the world to easily get into crypto currency mining, with little or minimum hardware requirements.

The ICO for JSEcoin will be announced soon.. join the JSEcoin telegram channel here for updates.


Click here to register your account on JSEcoin and start mining!

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