How To Get Free Bitcoin From

Here is a simple and effective way to get free bitcoin, from a website called

Coinpot is a micro wallet.. it allows you to receive tiny bits of bitcoin from websites called bitcoin faucets.

These bitcoin faucets allow you to get free bitcoin, every 60 minutes or so you can come back to these websites, input your bitcoin address and click claim.. instantly a small amount of free bitcoin is sent to your micro wallet. It’s only a small amount of free bitcoin, although if you keep claiming every day it really starts to add up.

If you refer your friends or post your referral links on your social media profiles, you earn a bonuses each time someone claims some free bitcoin.

So here are some simple instructions on how to sign up to and how to claim your free BTC from the different faucets.

First, visit and register a free account. Make sure you write down your username and password in a safe place.

The email address that you use to register on coinpot will now be used to claim from the different bitcoin faucets.

Here is a look at my coin pot account when i first started, my first claim i got 54 satoshi, it was nice and easy to claim my free satoshis.

The wallet looks great and works well along with having detailed statistics. Currently coinpot supports bitcoin, dogecoin and litecoin.

Once you have registered your account on coinpot, try your first claim! The best bitcoin faucet to start off with is moon bitcoin, it pays well and is nice and easy to use.

Click here to visit – Moon Bitcoin


Underneath the ads you will see a text box where you can input the email address you used to sign up to coinpot with.



After you click sign in, a pop up box will appear, click i am not a robot and then click the submit button.



Once you have signed in, you will be taken back to the main page, now instead of the sign in button.. you will see the claim button.



Just click the claim now button, and prove you are human again. Hey presto.. check your coinpot wallet and you will see a small amount of bitcoin instantly in your wallet!

It’s only a small amount.. but over time it can really add up, and you can claim many times per day. The best way is to keep all 5 websites open while your doing other stuff.. and just come back and click claim a bunch of times each day.. only takes a few minutes each day!

Currently there are 5 faucets you can visit to get free bitcoin and other crypto currencies including dogecoin and litecoin.

Moon bitcoin is the first bitcoin faucet running on coinpot.. it pays out good and it’s easy to claim free bit coin from, just input your coinpot email address and click claim reward.. and you can claim many times a day.


Moon Bitcoin – Free bitcoin faucet

Moon litecoin gives out hundreds and thousands of liteoshis every day.. it’s another very simple to use cryptocurrency faucet where you can basically get free money.. just input your address and click claim.. too easy! Come back and claim free litecoin many times per day.


Moon Litecoin – Free Litecoin faucet

Moon dogecoin is an easy to use free doge coin faucet where you can claim many times each time hundreds of free dogecoin. Just input your email address from coinpot.. click claim and presto.. free crypto currency!

Moon Dogecoin – Free Dogecoin faucet


Bit fun is a really nice quality free bitcoin site with many different ways to earn bitcoin such as playing games or completing offers to earn good amounts of bitcoin which is then paid into your coin pot wallet. Register on the site and confirm your email.. take some time to explore the site and try some of the cool bitcoin based games.

Bit fun – Get free bitcoin by playing games


Bonus bitcoin is another bitcoin faucet where you need to register your email, although its quick and easy to do so. Once you have registered you can claim some good amounts of free bitcoin, and this site also has other free ways to get bonus bitcoin!

Bonus bitcoin – Get more bonus free bitcoin

If you come back often and claim from all the sites along with referring a few of your friends the money can really add up over time.. and with the increase in bitcoin and crypto currency prices the value of the small bits of bitcoin you claim now could be worth alot more in the future.





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