Hawala – Peer 2 Peer Crypto To Fiat Exchange Platform.

Exchanging fiat currency to cryptocurrency has always been a big problem, mostly due to fraud.

Hawala might just have the solution. Hawala.today is launching a new peer 2 peer crypto to fiat exchange platform.

Users will be able to purchase crypto currency with fiat money, or exchange their crypto for real world cash via a unique peer 2 peer system, connecting buyers to sellers.


The token supply of HAT is very low when compared to most crypto currencies, at only 7 million total tokens, currently they are available on Ether Delta exchange for around 60 cents each. HAT is an ERC 20 token and can be sent to any compatible ethereum wallet such as myetherwallet.com


By far my favorite feature of Hawala is the coin staking. I am using many staking coins and i really think this is one of the best ways to mine for crypto currency, as well as the most energy efficient way to keep the network secure. On offer is 15% interest per year, and over the next 10 years this number will drop down to around 7%.. still much higher than any conventional banking system can offer.

Staking coins can be very profitable if you invest early, because if the coin value rises enough the % you earn from staking can increase dramatically, your daily or monthly profits can in fact exceed your initial investment. Although as i always say.. with investing into any ICO it’s always risky so please never invest more than you can afford to lose.


The staking wallet is currently in development, but should be released fairly soon as it’s currently in the Alpha phase being tested by the community. It will support all smart phones, windows and apple platforms. The wallet allows you to stake HAT tokens and earn new hat tokens.. this is how the Hawala network if secured.

Visit the Hawala homepage for more information.

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