Get 1000 Free Action Coins Here

Here is another new social media site that is giving away free tokens! The action coin platform will be a reward system / social media site, where users can earn rewards by participating in the network, such as posting articles or other content to the site. You may also want to take a look at the action coin whitepaper.. it looks very nice and provides alot of information.

Currently you will receive 1000 free action tokens if you register your email here. You can also earn another 1000 tokens by referring a new user to the site. This is one of the best ways to get free crypto currency, and i will be posting many more sites such as Sphere or Sola that offer free tokens, grab them while you can!

To claim your 1000 free Action coins.. simply register your facebook here. All coins will be paid out on March the 1st, when the ICO has completed.


Here are the goals of this coin, as outlined in the whitepaper itself:


Action coins are going to be built on top of the NXT 2.0 platform, a platform different applications can be built on, similar to Ethereum.

Blockchain based social media sites are becoming very popular.. and it’s well worth your time to sign up and get yourself some free coins.. who know’s what they will be worth in the future.

Click here to claim your 1000 free action coins!

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