Flow Feed Social Media Platform ICO Is Live!

So i wrote previously about how you can get free flowfeed tokens, and sadly that offer has now ended. Many thousands of people received free tokens, and this should make the platform fairly popular to start off with as many users have a vested interest in the system.

Although the good news is.. the ICO is now live and running!

What is flow feed you may ask? It’s a new social media platform that will allow users to sell data, stories, pictures and other information via a social media platform. Users will be able to instantly sell access to their stories or videos or other premium content and earn crypto currency for doing so.

Flow feed is now in the ICO stage, which will be running for the next 19 days.



The max coin supply of FFT tokens is going to be 20 million, which is a nice low number compared to many ERC 20 tokens, and with the current low cost of the tokens during ICO there is a good profit to be made if the platform is successful.


You can take a look at the different monetization models that would be possible, from market research, financial trading tips, ebooks, legal information, stock photography, pictures, videos or any other kind of digital data could be sold on this platform.


From the whitepaper, we can see the revenue model gives 90% of the profits back to the users, while flow feed only takes 10% of the profit. This gives the users the most earning potential, and if the site does well flowfeed’s fee of 10% will still be substantial.


Here you can see the pricing for Flow feed tokens (FFT).. 1BTC = 30,000 FFT, or 1 ETH = 1.5K FFT. There is also a bonus of 25% extra tokens until the 6M milestone has been reached, so it’s worthwhile to get in early if your going to invest because that 25% extra profit could really add up in a couple of years.

I personally think decentralized social media sites that incentivize users will be the way of the future, just look at steemit.. hundreds of thousands of users have flocked to the site, many who don’t even know about bitcoin or crypto currency.. they just want to earn money by blogging, posting pictures, articles, stories, videos and other online social interactions.

Click here to register your account for the flow feed token sale.

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