Exmo Exchange ICO – Dividend Paying Coin

I have been looking for more dividend paying coins to invest into, and i think i have found a really good one here. Exmo is a crypto currency exchange which boast 750,000 registered users, and in February 2018 they will be having an ICO to raise funds for crypto currency leveraged trading, meaning they can loan out money to traders and earn more profit through the system.

Leveraged bitcoin trading would be very popular and would boost the amount of users Exmo has by alot, along with increasing it’s daily trade.

The Exmo crowdsale will be offering 300 million tokens in total, at a sale price of $1 each. This will raise a staggering 300 million for the system. Token holders will receive a percentage of profit the company does, based on how many tokens you hold. So these tokens will essentially be revenue generating assets, generating profit automatically into your crypto wallet.


Here is a schematic look at the investment fund, how the EXMO token holders revenue is created, along with the insurance fund.

Exmo has a working product along with a good sized userbase, i am sure the ICO will be successful and the fact that these coins or tokens will be paying revenue makes this one ICO to keep an eye on. The ICO is still not for a while, but you will probably want to register an account on exmo exchange in the meantime.

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