Exacoin Lending And Trading Platform

Exacoin is a lending and trading platform which appears to be similar to many of the bit connect clones. Although a few things set Exacoin apart, which seem to be the trading platform along with the potential for all sorts of fees from micro transactions.

What i really like about Exacoin is alot of effort has gone into the website, and many more features are available than most of these lending platforms, which means a higher chance of succeeding and going through with the project.

Exa coin is similar to most of the bit connect style coins, offering lending, trading, staking and mining of the coins. The max supply of Exa coins will be 27 million, and in the ICO stage they are selling for around $1 each.



One thing that sets exa coin apart is Exa AI, some sort of AI trading bot that learns from the different markets, the system claims to study up to 1300 crypto currencies and earn profit, offering up to 60% per month to investors which is higher than most of these systems.

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