EOS – Decentralized Global Operating System

EOS is my favorite crypto currency project, it’s a global decentralized operating system where you can create applications and websites on the blockchain with a click of the button.

Here is a collection of videos which explain what the system does, if you want to learn more about EOS i would suggest taking the time to watch these videos.


Why EOS? This short video explains why you would want to use EOS, and some of the main benefits over other blockchain systems.


Why EOS for business? This video shows you exactly why businesses would want to use EOS.


EOS presentation by Dan Larimer, alot of technical discussion which may not interest everyone although this is one of the best explanations of EOS available.


EOS explained by Dan Larimer, along with some questions and answers with Dan over skype.


Interview with Dan Larimer and the Dollar Vigilante:


A technical analysis of EOS/BTC, showcasing the difference between the technologies.


Dan larimer explains EOS scaling solutions, how EOS can be used to house multiple blockchains.


This panel has an interesting discussion on the future growth of blockchain innovation.


EOS has the potential to become one of the biggest blockchain eco systems online, allowing users around the world to build websites, applications, games, video websites and basically anything you can imagine.


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