ELTCOIN Is Only 3 Cents.. Could This Crypto Currency Go 100X?

Well today while looking for different crypto currencies to invest in, i came across an interesting Ethereum token, and here is why i think this crypto currency could go 100X in value over the next year or so.

ELTCOIN is currently selling on many different exchanges for 3 cents. The total token supply is 100 million, the most common number for ethereum tokens to have. ELTCOIN has an atm debit card attached to it, so you can spend your crypto currency at any atm or shop world wide, with automatic trades of ELT token taking place when you convert funds and this creates automatic demand for the coin.

Unlike many other tokens and coins, ELT coin did a free air drop giving out a large percentage of tokens away to the crypto community for free, which means many different people are holding or hodling ELTCOINS. This is an interesting and popular way to create new altcoins coins and tokens without having an ICO which can often be very hard legally to do.

This also means ELTCOIN has done a great job of getting listed on many different exchanges, currently trading on 5 different exchanges РEtherdelta, CoinexchangeIdexMercatoxDecentrex. Current volume on all markets is around  $218,000 per day which is not bad for a start. See the chart below for ELT from coinmarketcap.


Then if we take a look at similar tokens and compare them with ELTCOIN.. the current value and total token supply, along with the market cap.


Tenx Pay

Token supply 205 million

Current price: 4.30

Market cap: 453 Million



Token supply: 31 million

Current price: 18.50

Market cap: 211 Million



Token supply: 100 million

Current price: 3 cents

Market cap: 3.1 Million


A 100X gain would have Eltcoin worth around 3$ each. This would mean it probably needs to be more popular than tenx pay, or possibly another factor may come into play. If ELTCOIN had more services and functions than any of it’s competitors, it would create more automatic demand, more profit for the business and more usage of the services.

ElTCOIN has an active developer who has some interesting features being added to the platform soon, and i feel at 3 cents each this coin will rise in price.  In fact while writing this article the price has increased by 1 cent, a cool 25% gains for investors lol.

This coin coin is very cheap, very new and can really only increase in price unless the developer abandons the project, which i highly doubt they will with such a potentially such a lucrative project if they just stick with it. I will keep an eye on this crypto project and keep you guys updated on blogforbitcoin!


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