Earn Up to 8 Bitcoins Just By Referring People To True Flip!

True flip is a popular blockchain based lottery system, and here i will show you how you can earn up to 8 full bitcoins just by referring people to true flip!

First, a little about Trueflip. It has it’s own token, called TFL, and the ICO raised over 2000 BTC to start the site, making this the worlds largest blockchain based lottery system over night.

One of the best features about true flip, is the system is fully transparent, and runs on the blockchain so you can verify the system is fair and pays out. All you need to do is purchase tickets to enter the lottery, and if you choose the right amount of numbers you win the prize, basically like Powerball or Lotto.

So this is how you can get up to 8 full bitcoins just by referring people to this site:

True flip has a referral program like most bitcoin based gambling websites. You can earn 2% from the winnings of your referrals. Now if one of those happens to win the jackpot of 400BTC.. your 2% commission will be around 8 bitcoins!!

If you invite enough users, you would actually have a really high chance of winning something good. You will also receive 5% of ticket purchases, so even if your referrals do not win the jackpot as long as they are playing you will earn some good money.

To use the referral program, sign up for your free account here.

Once you have signed up to true flip and are logged in, look on the left hand side you will see the menu. Click on the Free ticket link.


This will take you to the referrals page, where you can find your referral link. Just click copy to clipboard, or you can click the share links to post your referral link to your favourite social media sites. Just post this link everywhere you can, and refer as many people as possible! Over time if you refer enough people, you can have a really good passive income.



True flip has gained alot of popularity, and there is still alot of time to refer people to the system. If someone could rack up hundreds of thousands of referrals, well the possibility of winning your 8 bitcoin could be really high. Along with the 5% ticket commision, and commisions on smaller wins.. this bitcoin referral program could be a great earner.

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