Crypto Penny Stock – 10M Token – Can This One Go 100-1000X?

This month i have been looking at different Crypto Penny Stocks, after my first investment with ELTCOIN did so well. Today i think i found a great one, it’s called 10MT token. This one is incredibly cheap at only 2 or 3 cents, and the supply is very limited to 10M total tokens only.. making it one of the rarest Ethereum tokens i have come across.

This alt coin is super new having only launched in JAN 2018 – it’s only just hit the markets on Ether Delta, it’s trading around $8000 per day making the total market cap under $10,000… tiny and so much room to grow!

When taking a look at those numbers, it’s very easy for this coin to gain 10X in value, based on the math’s it’s even possible this one could go 100X-1000X in price. A 1000X increase in price would have this coin trading at around $20USD.. and this would make the market cap for this coin around the 200m mark – very achievable indeed, in my own opinion.

It will come down to usage of the coin, and if the admin team continues to work on the project and add new services, products and ways to get the coin used, but with such a low price i think it’s worth throwing a couple of bucks into this one.

I will be reviewing more crypto penny stocks over the next couple of weeks check back soon!

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