Crypto Countries – World Domination On The Blockchain

Crypto countries is a new ethereum based game where users can own a country or city on the blockchain. The idea behind the game is total world domination, to conquer land and to earn money from users underneath you.

The game runs on the ethereum blockchain and only allows 1 copy of each country.

For someone to conquer your land they must purchase it from you, for double the price you paid for it. This not only gives them owernship of that country but any of the cities underneath it. When someone purchases a city underneath the country, the funds go to the country owner.


Here is all you need to know about crypto countries. Every available country has one smart contract token, and if you buy it you own it until someone else comes along and conquers it, by purchasing it from you. The price is hard coded into the smart contract, read below for more info.

With blockchain games becoming so popular it will be interesting to see what the value of these crypto countries may be in the future.

The most popular crypto kitty sold for over $100,000, the possibility of these blockchain collectable games is amazing and there is no telling what these may be worth in the future.


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