Covesting ICO – Copy Successful Traders Strategies Or Sell Your Own

Covesting is currently running an ICO which looks very interesting to me.. it allows you to copy successful crypto currency traders strategies, or sell your own strategies and let other traders copy your actions, increasing your own trades revenue exponentially.

There are a couple of similar systems in development, although a couple of things stood out for me on this innitial coin offering.

First of all Yahoo Finance, CNBC, Huffpost and some other big brand news organizations have written about this one.

And second, Covesting have a working demo of the trading system to try out, which means they are currently working hard on developing the system. A much higher chance of success on this one because of those two factors, on my own opinion anyhow.

So let’s take a quick look at this system:


What is covesting? Covesting is a platform that allows you to copy the trades done by other successful traders. You can go through the market and search for traders with a good history and pay to do the same trades as them, which is a very clever way to do crypto trading and allows new users to profit from altcoin trading without any knowledge.

It also gives people who are already trading a massive profit boost, in essence giving them leverage when trading and generating higher profits without any extra risk.



If you are a good crypto currency trader, you should certainly sign up and check out the system, by sharing your trading strategies and developing a good reputation on this system you could exponentially increase your trading profits very easily.


This method of trading is essentially allowing the trader to earn more money sharing their trading strategies, and allowing investors who want to earn profit easily earn profit without putting your assets at risk by handing them over to a third party. Early investors will profit by holding the coins which will be used on the trading platform.


The trading terminal will be a fully featured and 100% secure crypto currency token and asset trading and management system, allowing you to see the pricing from all the main exchanges, along with a huge amount of statistical data from the markets and exchanges.


Here is an interview with the CEO of covesting, doing a 20 minute interview explaining the platform.


Click here to register for the Covesting ICO

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