Coin Gate – Accept Website Payments In Bitcoin And Trade Altcoins

Coingate is a payment gateway system where you can accept website payments in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies your website, along with a crypto currency exchange when you can trade bitcoin and other altcoins in real time. One of the best features of coingate is that it allows you to easily buy bitcoin with a credit card and tries to get you the best price by buying your bitcoin from all the different exchanges, whichever one is currently offering the best bitcoin price.

Coingates system currently supports over 50 different altcoins, and i am sure more will be added in the future. This system works with wordpress and Woocommerce, along with Megento open source shopping cart and a number of different systems, it can easily be implemented into nearly any type of website or script and allow you to take micro payments in multiple digital currencies.



The easiest way to use coingate is by using wordpress and WooCommerce. If you are using wordpress, just search for “coingate woocommerce” in the plugins area of your wordpress admin panel to add crypto currency payments to your website or shopping cart, you can be setup within an hour or even less and start accepting online payments immediately.



One you have the coingate wordpress plugin installed you can see below there are only a few options and the API to setup, then you can add your digital or physical products into woocommerce and get paid in paypal, credit card and over 50 crypto currencies!!



Here is a look at the buying interface for a user who is going to buy something from your online store, they can pay with many different altcoins, you as the webmaster can choose which crypto currency you want to accept, and its very simple for the user to pay with all the major alt coins.



One of the best way’s to earn money with coingate is by using the referral program, you will earn up to one percent of all transaction fee’s earned from the users you refer, which can really add up over time if you have active users, especially people doing bitcoin and alt coin trading to earn a profit.

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