Ceek.com – Immersive 3D Virtual Reality Meets The Blockchain

Ceek.com has created a very unique and interesting crypto currency project and i wanted to share this today with everyone here on the blogforbitcoin.

Ceek is an online platform for experiencing immersive 3D live concerts, featuring your favorite celebrities and performing artists. With the Ceek software and VR headset, users are able to relive live concerts from the past in the most amazing way possible.

Imagine reliving that Katy Perry concert you went to, in a fully 3d immersive virtual reality environment! Well, click here right now to do it!

Now with Ceek and blockchain technology, users are able to visit any live concerts or events from around the world from the comfort of their living room. Ceek has partnered with Universal Music Studios to bring you the top performing artists such as Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, U2, Sting, Elton John, NAS, Bravery, Ringo Star, NERD, NE-YO, Bastille, Ludacris, Bon Jovi, Bob Marley, Mary J Blige, Snoop Dogg, all the top artists.


Link – Ceek VR Experiences, Virtual concerts and live music, sports, games and more.


Ceek already has a live application running on the Google and apple stores, along with a working VR headset that is currently selling on Amazon and other big online retailers for around $90.

“Ceekers” will be able to earn crypto currency within the virtual reality world in a number of ways. For example with celebrity coin minting, the artists are able to create custom coins for virtual merchandise and virtual tickets for live VR shows. The most important fact here is this removes the physical limits of people attending live shows. Concerts run in America can be attended by virtual users in China and Korea, creating massive amounts of revenue for content providers and performing artists.

Ceekers will be able to earn CEEK tokens by creating digital merchandise and in game items such as skins, outfits or tools for your character, avatars or virtually anything you can think of.

A massive virtual reality market place can be created and you as the user can participate and earn hard cold crypto currency for your efforts. You can even earn Seek by curating, upvoting and liking content and becoming part of the community, and also earn CEEK tokens by referring users to the platform.


Here is a short video explaining the tokenn and CEEK VR platform.


Many initial coin offerings have little to show for in the way of a working product, often it’s a fancy looking website and big promises. Ceek on the other hand has a live working product that is generating revenue and are working with some big names in the entertainment industry working with Universal Music Studios and famous artists such as the popular metal band MegaDeath, who has created a number of promotional videos for Ceek.

Here is the real power of the Ceek platform:

Virtual items, virtual goods and virtual experiences can be sold through this platform. Not only can live concerts be resold millions of times online long after the event has ended, users can now own virtual goods and items which can transcend multiple virtual reality environments by using blockchain technology on the backend.

Ceekers can purchase digital goods, items, experiences and virtual reality moments inside the platform and then transfer those to other VR platforms or convert them to into crypto currency.

The purpose of the Ceek ICO is converting this already existing business to the blockchain.

This allows users to convert digital items within the virtual reality universes and convert that value into crypto currency which can then easily be moved around different virtual reality worlds and platforms across the internet easily.

This is another step towards larger corporate players adopting blockchain technology and converting already existing businesses into virtual crypto currency assets, which will drive the prices of the crypto markets for years to come.

Ceek is currently running an ICO with the private whales being able to buy up tokens cheap at 10 cents each which sold out super fast, while the public sale for us lowly peasants will be 15 cents if you get in early. The final stage price will be 50 cents, so you will end up with more than 3X the amount of coins if you get in early enough.

If virtual games like secondlife are any indication the potential market size for virtual goods is mind boggling and will change the way future games are played, the way we interact with each other online and for millions of people.. the way they earn a living.

The end date for the ICO is March 4th 2018.


Learn more about CEEK:

Ceek.com – Virtual reality live music platform with top artists.

Ceek.io – The CEEK ICO, register here to buy CEEK coins.

Ceek Telegram – Join the telegram for updates, info or to ask questions.

VR Headsets – Learn more about the VR headsets here.

Seek Itunes Card – Get a free Itunes card when you get CEEK VR.

Whitepaper – All the info about CEEK token and the ICO.

Youtube – Many good videos on Youtube, be sure to check them out.


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