Bittrex Accounts Being Shut Down

So i have recently found out that one of the largest bitcoin exchanges, bittrex has recently shut down many accounts which is causing a stir in the bitcoin community.

After the MT gox exchange platform closed in 2014, around 850,000 bitcoins were lost, which at today’s value is worth around 3.5 billion, people are very wary indeed about bitcoin exchanges.

Some users have reported seeing this page once they login to bittrex:

Users are reporting the following:

“My Bittrex account is disabled for more than 3 days without any warning or announcement. Their support do not answer anything.”

“In Iran, more than 3,000 accounts have been deactivated without reason.”

“I talked to many users in Telegram groups and the most affected countries are Syria, India, Iran, Russia, Pakistan and Turkey.”

There are currently at least 2 threads on bitcoin talk forum, with users complaining about not being able to access funds. You can read them here and here.

Bittrex has finally released a statement concering the account closures on their twitter profile and website:

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It took some time for bittrex to release a statement which has really caused a stir in the bitcoin community, many people are frustrated and some people are being reportedly banned from the slack channel.

According to a statement released on the bittrex twitter page, some users have been banned from the slack channel yes, because they were being abusive towards the staff.

Let’s hope this isn’t another MT Gox in the making.

I will try to find out more information and post here soon.




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