Binance – Crypto Currency Exchange With Referral Program

Binance has fast become one of the most popular crypto currency exchange, and it also has a referral program where you can earn up to 50% of the fee’s collected from binance paid automatically into your account in real time as trades are done.

This crypto exchange has over 1 million registered users, and has one of the biggest collections of alt coins and tokens on offer. Currently total trade volume is 40,000BTC, and a massive 185,000 ether per day, challenging bittrex and kraken as some of the biggest crypto coin exchanges.

The referral program is straight forward like any bitcoin affiliate programs.. just register your account and get your linking code, post it onto facebook, reddit, twitter and anywhere else you can, and over time if you refer enough users you could have a decent amount of free bitcoin in your wallet to play around with on the markets.


Click here to register your account on Binance


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