BankCoin Could Be The Best Lending Platform Yet

There are nearly 30 lending platforms now, bitconnect clones or copies where you buy tokens and then lend them into the system, earning a daily % paid back to you. These have been massively popular, selling out in seconds.

Bankcoin could be the best lending platform yet, for a few reasons as i will show below.

The first thing that sets Bankcoin apart from the other lending platforms, is a set of fully functional wallets for Windows, Mac, Android and Linux, with the source code available for anyone to inspect on Github. This means they have already put alot of work into building this system.. and the chances of success are much higher.


Another cool feature of this lending platform is short term loans, only 7 days! Most lending platforms want you to invest for a minimum of around 1 year.. so being able to invest for shorter terms could be very attractive to some investors.


Bankcoin will build a decentralized exchange onto the platform.. and this will generate a massive amount of new review for the system, allowing people to trade different altcoins on the exchange, which will be blockchain based. This will give a MASSIVE boost of revenue to the system.


Another money making feature built into this system is the mega millions lottery, a transparent and anonymous blockchain lottery with automatic payments. Similar systems to this can generate 10 or 20M per year in revenue.. and i have a feeling with all the traders online this one could be huge.


And one more feature that sets bankcoin apart from the competition is the mining software that will be available soon. Hopefully it will be a nice and easy to use GUI miner that anyone can use.. this will attract many more people to the system and create a reliable mining network for bankcoin to run on.


Here is a quick look at the Bankcoin specifications.. the system runs on the X11 algorithm, and can be mined with a GPU or CPU.. as well as allow coin staking. Only 21M coins will exist, the same amount as bitcoin.



I have only just seen this one.. and the ICO starts in 2 days! Get your accounts ready to buy.. at only 50 cents each and with all these features i am 100% certain this ICO will sell out in minutes, and if this system keeps on track with the development schedule bankcoin will be light years ahead of other bitconnect style lending platforms.

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