Banca Crypto Community – Pre ICO Sold Out 15M

Banca, the decentralized crypto currency community today closed it’s white list registration for the ICO, after the pre ICO sold an amazing 15M to private investors in under a week.

In fact Banca has done so well they are already half way through building the platform, and the ICO seems to be more an opportunity for the smaller investors to get a chance to own a piece of the banca tokens before they hit the exchanges in March.

If we take a look at the Banca platform we can see why it sold out so fast.

The idea behind the platform is solid, creating a crypto currency community built on AI technology to track user movements, track price movements along all markets and predict market trends based on this data.

As with many blockchain social media sites, users will be able to earn crypto currency using the platform which will incentivize users to participate in the platform. Users will be able to use the Banca tokens to purchase services and products on the platform which will create demand and usage of the tokens.

The Banca platform can be used to launch new ICOs, promoting ICOs and new crypto projects, research and rating different crypto projects, managing your crypto assets, along with derivatives, liquidity management, risk management and much more.

Banca has an experienced team, with Linda chen heading up the operation as CEO, along with a number of scientists, doctors and financial experts.


The list of strategic advisors includes Dr Patrick Dai the founder of Qtum blockchain, Dr Li Bin former Merrill Lynch VP, Mou Zhenming the founder of Bisheng blockchain along with a number of large Chinese based venture capital companies.


How smart is Banca going to be? Big data will analyze all data available on the platform and provide that information to users via an intelligent searching system allowing you to access critical data quickly and efficiently. The Banca platform will be run on smart contracts so everything is transparent and executes automatically.

Imagine taking the data from millions of crypto users, feeding that into an AI system and then allowing users to access that data. This is what Banca will do.

Banca looks like a very interesting concept for a social media platform and with such an experienced team this project has alot of potential, be sure to join the Banca telegram group for updates.


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