Banca – Chinese Based Crypto Currency Community With AI Technology

Banca is a new Chinese based ICO that aims to be Wallstreet on the blockchain.

Banca is a decentralized banking community built upon AI technology and will  that allows users to make trades, invest in ICOs and learn from big data about the crypto currency markets all from one place.

Housed on the QTUM blockchain, a popular rival to Ethereum – Banca will offer a wide range of crypto currency services to users around the world, all powered by AI, big data and learning algorithms.

Banca has a very experienced team, including former Merrill Lynch VP Dr. Li Bin, the founder of QTUM blockchain Dr. Patrick Dai, Mou Zhenming the founder of Bisheng blockchain, along with a slew of scientists and venture capital companies are on board.


The Banca platform uses AI and learning algorithms along with big data analysis to quality the services, professional skills and credility of each member. All transaction data is collection and used to create automatic reports which ensures transparency and non corruptibility of data.

This is a very new project, and currently the ICO start date has not been set, although Banca looks like one very interesting project to keep an eye on. I would suggest joining the Banca telegram group to keep updated and find out more information 😉



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