Aethia – New Tamagotchi Style Ethereum Game – Eggs Worth 100ETH WTF?!

Aethia is a new Tamagotchi style Ethereum game that is about to launch.

After i registered my account and logged into the system i noticed something very interesting.. if you can get 500 referrals to the game you can get Legendary egg worth 100ETH – WTF?

This of course sounds too good to be true.. but i have noticed these ethereum based games are huge and some of the digital items are worth crazy amounts of money.. so i thought i would share this one with everyone here on the blog for bitcoin and see if i can’t get those 500 referrals!! 🙂



The idea behind the game is to raise your virtual pet, an Ethergotchi. You can shape it’s personality and attributes and create all kinds of creatures depending on the way you raise it.


The game will have a market place called the Aethian market place, which will allow players in the game to purchase items and upgrades or exchange their EtherGotchi for crypto currency.


Blockchain games similar to this have done very well, of course crypto kitties comes to mind. It will be interesting to see how popular this platform becomes, and if someone can actually sell one of those eggs for the handsome some of 100 Ethereum.

Click here to register for your own free Ethergotchi and get 1 free egg!


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