Abyss – Crypto Rewards System For Gamers

Abyss is a new rewards platform for gamers that is currently running an ICO. Over 40,000 users have registered, and the ICO is selling out fast.

The idea behind this platform is to reward gamers for playing games, promoting games and selling games. Many new platforms are coming out aimed at promoting new games, and Abyss looks to be one of the best.

Users are able to earn crypto currency by in game actions, so if you refer enough users and they play the games often your earning potential can be very high. This will attract many users to the platform and create more traffic and advertising revenue.

If we take a look at the token allocation, 25% is set aside for marketing which is always great to see. The total token supply will be 575 million, although unsold tokens will be burnt by the smart contract after the ICO stage so this amount could be alot lower. Currently 1 ETH = 5000 ABYS, so roughly around 5 cents each.



Here is the promotional video explaining the Abyss system:


Abyss has one of the best affiliate marketing platforms i have seen on an ICO, generating many thousands of users and making this system very popular already. As long as the team does a good job creating this system, i think this is one platform that could do really well.

Click here to register for the Abyss ICO!


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