A Look At The Most Popular Bitcoin Investing Programs

Here is a look at the most popular bitcoin investing programs, such as bitconnect, bitbond, chain group and a few of the other popular online bitcoin investment opportunities such as ICOs – Initial coin offerings.

Bitcoin has made online investing simple, instant and anonymous. Anyone around the world can deposit bitcoin to any of these sites and start earning bitcoin instantly.

With all bitcoin investing and lending, it comes with very high risk and you should only invest money you can afford to lose. I am by no means a financial expert and do not offer financial advice, i am simply listing all the most popular bitcoin investing programs available.

Bit Connect

Bit connect is a very popular bitcoin lending platform, where you can lend your bitcoin to bit connects trade bots and earn a percentage of revenue generated. The min investment amount if $100USD, and the term is for 299 days. You will receive around 1-3% paid daily into your bit connect lending account, which you can re lend out to earn compound interest, or you can withdraw your profit in bitcoin daily.

Bit connect also allows you to mine bit connect coin, and stake bit connect coin in your wallet to earn compounded interest daily.

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Chain Group

Chain group is another very popular bitcoin bot trading and lending platform, min investment is $5 and this system allows you to invest into multiple bitcoin trading groups, all with different payouts and lending term lengths. Average daily return on investment is around 3%, although sometimes it can achieve up to 5 or even 6% daily.

Chain group also has an interesting escrow service, so money is secured by investors putting money into the escrow service for a term of 499 days. Interest can be auto compounded on certain investment options, and can also be compounded manually.

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Bit Bond

Bit bond is a peer to peer bitcoin lending platform, as seen on Forbes, Coindesk, Lend Academy and Gigaom. This bitcoin earning system allows you to do Peer 2 peer digital lending, lend out your bitcoin and earn more than 10% return on investment. You can also easily reinvest and compound your investments through this bitcoin investment service. If you need to borrow bitcoin for trading and lending, you may also want to check out bitbond and see if you can generate some revenue by borrowing bitcoin from bitbond.

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Gold Reward

Gold reward is a very interesting looking ICO, bitcoin investing system and rewards system. Gold reward runs on an Ethereum smart contract and uses ERC-20 tokens. Invest bitcoin into the platform and earn rewards paid out in bitcoin daily. Could be a popular system if the ICO goes well, and this coin only has around 50 million tokens which is fairly low for an Ethereum based token.

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Bitvest offers online gambling with a mix of investing. You can deposit bitcoin and earn a share of the gambling revenue done on the site. You can also earn some good amounts of bitcoin with the referral program, refer investors or gamblers to the site and earn rewards from them. This site has been online since 2016, could be some really good long term bitcoin rewards to earn here.

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Laser Online

Laser online is one of the most funky looking bitcoin investment websites i have ever come across. The site looks simply amazing, and has been running for around 3 or 4 months. Instant bitcoin payouts are available, and min investment is only $10. Many people including myself have been paid from this system, and the owner has put his face, office and other details up on the site. It looks like they are putting alot of work into laser online, although this could be a risky investment for long term.

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Terra Miner

Terra miner is an ICO for a bitcoin mining farm that will be running out of China. By purchasing TRM tokens you will receive 50 percentage of the mining fees collected, after electricity and running costs has been paid. The best thing about this mining network is the operators already have an operational bitcion mine farm running, and also have put their real names and faces on the website, which is something mining scam’s won’t do.

1 TRM token currently costs $5 and can earn around 70 cents per month, could be some great returns to be had on this bitcoin investment opportunity.

This is an ICO so it’s of course very risky, it really depends on the company running this ICO, if they will actually do what they say.

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