A look At The Bitconnect Clones So Far

If you have read some of my blog posts before you will see i have been testing the different bitconnect clones that have come out recently.. and there are more than 20 bitconnect copies or clones so far, proving this method of online passive income if very popular indeed.

Some of these money making systems turned out to be scams, some have had problems and nearly shut down.. and some have done really well for early investors.

So i thought it may be important to take a look at these bitcoin lending platforms and how they are doing so far.

Has it been worth investing into these bitcoin lending systems?


The best coins so far..


Oalend Coin

Oa lend is my favorite bitcoin lending platform so far.. the ICO was very easy to buy from, and i got around 100 coins at 80 cents each.

Currently they are worth around $5.80, so i put half of this into the lending system and was able to loan out $400 into the system and still have many left over coins which i will HODL. All of this from my original investment of $80.

This system is currently paying 1% – 1.4% per day for a period of 240 days, after which my original investment will be returned to me. They have a good looking internal exchange which seems to be really active, and the price is increasingly steadily.

I also noticed OA lend has a big Asian customer base, and was not really promoted as heavily as the other coins on western social media sites.. but it’s been a strong performer so far and i feel this one will do good long term especially once more western investors learn of this system.

The exchange and lending platforms are live and running, and i have successfully withdrawn bitcoin from this system.

Click here to register your account on OA lend


Davor Coin

Davor is another one of the lending platforms that has done really well, the exchange is now live and the coin has peaked up around the $8-10 mark.

The Internal exchange did a massive 2 million of exchange volume in 24 hours, and this coin will be soon listed on other external exchanges which should make the price increase faster also. Davor also seems to be paying the highest interest rate at the moment, a staggering 2% per day which is nearly double that of bitconnect and most of the btc lending websites.

The exchange and lending platforms are live and running, and i have successfully withdrawn bitcoin from this system.

Click here to register your account on Davor

Western Coin

Western coin is another one of the lesser known lending platforms that did really well. The coin started out at around $1 each, and is now worth around $2.50 to $6 depending on trade volume and exchange rates on the day. They also launched a lending competition offering a $100,000 reward, along with many $1000 smaller prizes for people who lend the most amount of money which has spurred a price increase and has really gotten this system going good.

The exchange and lending platforms are live and running, and i have successfully withdrawn bitcoin from this system.

Click here to register your account on Western Coin

HomeBlock Coin

Homeblockcoin was one of the most hyped up and popular bitcoin lending programs, mostly because it had the best looking website. The ICO sold out very quickly, although hundreds of people were complaining about not being able to purchase coins, myself included. After some time i gave up trying.. and my bitcoin is still being held by them. The fact that many people will not use this system now, and the fact everyone’s bitcoin is being held to random at the moment have kept this coin at $3.. the last ICO price.

Hopefully once homeblock coin sorts this out and releases everyone’s bitcoin, this coin could do very well, but everything seems to be on hold for now.

Click here to register your account on HomeBlockCoin


Regal Coin

Regal coin was one of the very first bit connect clones to hit the market, and hit a peak of $70 per coin at one stage, and only costing $1 to buy during the ICO. The price has since moved around the $30 to $50 mark, and currently regal coin is doing some sort of fork.

It seems if you invested large amounts of money you will get 1:1 coins replaced, although if you invested smaller amounts it seems your only going to have half the coins you had before.

I am sure this will leave many investors with a bad taste in their mouth, although this coin is very popular and im sure there are more opportunities to earn a good profit with this lending program.

Click here to register your account on Regal Coin


Hextra Coin


Hextra coin was one of the earliest bit connect clones to hit the market, right after Regal coin. Currently the price per coin is sitting at around $14 each, giving a 14X gain to anyone who bought the coins during the ICO stage. Lending platform and exchange is fully live, a fairly popular bit connect clone that still has room to increase in price over the next couple of years.

Click here to register your account on Hextra Coin


Binary coin has recently finished the ICO stage, and the coins are currently selling for around $10-12 each which is a 1000% price increase from the ICO stage. One problem with Binary coin is to refer users tou need to have purchase 100 binary coins, which is currently worth over $1000 and out of my price range, so sadly i have not been able to invest into this system yet.

I would hope the admin team of binary coin make it so a minimum investment of $100 similar to bitconnect would be available, which seems more plausible to me and will attract many new investors.

Click here to register your account on Binary Coin


Gold Reward

Gold reward is an ethereum smart contract based lending and reward system. The coins started at around $1 each, and are currently trading on ether delta exchange at a rate of around $6 each, a 600% ROI for initial investors. Sadly during the ICO the system over sold coins.. and many users had to be refunded. I myself received 120GRX as a commission, which suddenly disappeared. After contacting admin team via email, the inbuilt ticket system and facebook i finally gave up on this one, although many other users are happy with this system so far.

The lending platform and exchange is live, still waiting to hear about lost commissions though!

Click here to register your account on Gold Reward


Next: The Coins still in the ICO Stage..

These are the bitconnect clones and copies that are still in the ICO (Innitial Coin Offering) stage.. so only time will tell with these if they turn out to be profitable. These all have the potential to profit well if the developers continue with the system and do not run away with everyone’s money, going off the other bitcoin lending systems have all performed very well for early investors.


Ucoin Cash

Ucoincash ICO is selling out fast, although again the way of selling coins stage by stage has created the same problem as with homeblockcoin.. no one can actually buy coins. I gave up myself trying to buy coins on this one for now, and was able to withdraw my bitcoin right away without problems which is a good sign. I will come back and try to buy some tokens at a later stage once they hit the markets, for now its very difficult to buy coins here.

Click here to register your account on Ucoincash



Ethere Cash


Ethere cash is an ethereum based lending platform that runs on ERC-20 Tokens. The token sale has been going on for a few weeks, and currently they have over 40,000 contributors so the ICO should end up being successful. The token supply is fairly large, around 360,000 million which i think is very high, and considering the coins are selling for around $1 each i think the value of the coins should be a bit lower, although only time can tell.

The ICO is selling very fast, they have collected a huge amount of bitcoin and Ethereum, so if this lending platform launches they will have one of the biggest crypto currency lending platforms online.

Click here to register your account on Ethere Cash

Unix Coin


Unix coin has a really nice looking logo and website, and i love the name unixcoin. This btc lending platform runs on a hybrid if POW and POS, and has a limited supply of 19 million coins. Taking a look at the website and the investments by location map, it seems this is another coin with a big asian community of investors, and i feel this coin could do very well as long as they don’t just run away with everyone’s money, of course!

Unix coin has already sold 2 million coins, and the ICO will be finished in another 19 days.

Click here to register your account on Unix Coin



Gold Gate

Goldgate Is a fairly popular bitconnect style lending platform that also runs on the ethereum blockchain, using smart contracts. Currently the price is 1.25USD per coin, and has a fairly low supply of 26 million coins, which means this token could rise in value a fair bit over time of the platform launch is successful.

Plenty of investments coming in, just depends if they actually launch the system!

Click here to register your Gold Gate account


Falcon Coin


Falcon coin has a nice looking website and is based on ERC-20 tokens, using the Ethereum blockchain. Falcon coin has had some problems with the password database being hacked, and everyones passwords being stolen. I always make a new password for each site i sign up to, and this is a very good reason why.

Although the good thing is Falcon coin has moved passed this, and shows the admin team has the skills to handle problems like this. A good looking website and a low supply of coins means this coin could be worth something in the future as long as they launch the platform.

Click here to register your account on Falcon Coin


Neo Connect


Neo connect is a bit connect clone that will be using the NEO coin. The site is offering 2 free tokens when you sign up using this link, which has lead to many people signing up and the NEO connect website has run into problems a few times, i have a feeling the ICO will crash the site but hopefully the development team can fix this before hand and keep the site up and running so everyone can buy the coins without trouble.

NEO is a great coin, and this will attract many Asian investors. It’s a no brainer to sign up and get some free coins, and with a low supply of 15 million coins i think this one could be worth alot in the future if the lending platform and exchange launches successfully.

Click here to register your account on NEO connect


Tex Coin


Tex coin is another fairly new bitcoin lending platform that is similar to bitconnect, and they have nearly sold out of all the coins already show casing the demand and interest in these online investment platforms. Texcoin has a decent looking website, and a supply of 72 million coins. The price started at only 50 cents each, and the last stage of the ICO is currently selling out at 1.10 per coin. With a larger supply of coins each one would probably be worth less, but still some good profit to be had on this coin if you get in early.

Click here to register your account on Tex Coin


Yoku Coin


Yoku coin is a good looking bitcoin lending platform that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. Currently the tokens are selling for $3 each, and it was easy to sign up and buy the coins right away, which means this system could perform very well if they actually launch the lending platform and continue on with the site.

From what i have seen this system is nice and easy to use and the fact is runs on the Ethereum blockchain is a massive benefit.

Click here to register your account on Yoku coin



And finally.. the scams!

Here are some of the scams, shams and flim flams so far! Not all development teams or coins were created equal.. as you will see from this list of bitconnect clones that turned out to be scams, or perhaps even simply got hacked due to inexperienced developers and were forced to shut down.


Wow these guys were quick, it seems they didn’t even finish the ICO before running off with everyone’s money, including about $90 of my own hard earned bitcoin!

Usually these ICOs keep selling until finished and then disappear.. but i think the site got hacked or something and they decided it was time to run. They had a nice looking website, and i was glad when i was able to instantly deposit and buy coins.. but within a day or two they were gooooone.


Bitbase.io was another bitconnect style lending platform that disapeared also, again i think perhaps these guys got hacked.. the admin told a story that too many people mined all the coins on the first day and the wallet had some sort of exploit. A message was displayed for a while saying the system will be back, so i have a feeling the admin wanted to keep going but faced to many problems and decided it was easier to take what bitcoin they had made already and run. I only lost $30 on this one, i was going to put in more money later luckily i didn’t.


So in conclusion.. how are these bitconnect clones performing so far?

Because i got in so early, i have already made 5-10X my money back.. and that’s including the 2 times i have been scammed.

It was fairly obvious.. that with bitconnect going from $1 to $300.. regalcoin going from $1 to $70, Hextra coin going from $1 to $15.. that these bitconnect copies are very popular and would have a HUGE chance of sucess if you invested early. Time will tell how long these systems will pay out for, although i feel with the massive price increase of bitcoin expected in the next couple of years all of these systems that actually launch and run will provide investors with a fantastic ROI.

Although.. as i always say never invest money into these type of bitcoin investment systems your not willing to lose. I treat them as a gambling, and only put in money i am willing to lose.. although the odds are much better than any poker machine i have ever played!

Check back on the blog in the future, i will write more about my investments into these online crypto currency investment systems and post my results here for all to see.


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