A Look At Some Of The Worlds Best Bitcoin Mining Farms

Here is a look at some of the worlds best bitcoin mining farms. Most of the bitcoin mining farms in the world are running in China, because electricity is cheap and most of the bitcoin mining hardware is manufactured there, although there are some really cool mines in iceland, the US, Russia and around the world using all sorts of methods to generate bitcoin and other crypto currencies.

Here is a look at the biggest bitcoin mining farm in Russia, its freaking HUGE. Rows and rows of bitcoin miners, all ASIC machines dedicated to bitcoin mining and nothing else.


Here is a look at some of the mining farms in Iceland, alot of these run on thermal energy, and electricity is most of the cost when bitcoin mining so if you can get this down low.. the profits can be much higher.


This mini documentary about bitcoin mining China is great, it runs for about 10 minutes and shows you the life of a Chinese bitcoin miner.


Here is a look at the Genesis bitcoin mining farm, these guys let you rent mining power from them, and are the biggest cloud mining company in the world.


And here is a look at America’s largest bitcoin mining operation.


And here is Enigma.. one of the worlds largest Ethereum mining farms, running on graphics cards, the same cards you will find in your home computers.


I hope these videos give you a good insight into bitcoin mining and bitcoin mining farms.

Bitcoin now has more power than the top 5 super computers in the world put together.. and those things are FAST.. and bitcoin is only getting bigger.

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