9 Different Bitconnect Copies / Clones

Here is a list of 9 different bitconnect copies / clones. If you don’t already know, bitconnect went from $1 to $270 in around a year, it’s a popular lending platform and it has spawned many new copy cats, so i thought i would check out the most popular bit connect copies and list them here.

I will throw in 50 or 100 bucks into each system to test them out, although i always stress online bitcoin investing is very risky and you should only ever invest what your willing to lose. I am more than willing to take a gamble of 50-100 dollars on each one, please don’t ever put in more than you can afford to lose!!

1. OA Coin

I put OAcoin first because it’s one of the few ICOs i could sign up to and purchase the coins instantly. The system works well and i got my coins, although the min purchase is 50 coins. On offer is lending, staking, trading and mining.

OACoin Stats

Total coin supply: 50,000,000

Starting price: 0.50

Current price: 0.80

Available: Now

Join OAcoin here


2. Home Block Coin

And homeblockcoin is what i mean by being super hard to buy coins.. the ICO is so popular people are screaming to buy coins, everyone keeps missing out. Homeblockcoins website keeps crashing, especially as soon as the next round of coins are ready to purchase.

HomeBlockCoin Stats

Total coin supply: 28,000,000

Starting price: 1.00

Current price: 1.50

Available: Now

Join Homeblockcoin here


3. Binary Coin

Binary coin is another bitconnect clone that claims it will connect the world of binary options and cryptocurrency. They have a very nice looking backend, and the lending system will go live in 20 days from now.

BinaryCoin Stats

Total coin supply: 10,000,000

Starting price: 0.45

Current price: 1.25

Available: Now

Join Binary Coin here



4. Davor Coin

Davor coin ICO has done well so far, selling out the first round of 1 million coins. They have a good looking website, and the wallet will support GPU and CPU mining.

Davor Coin Stats

Total coin supply: 40,000,000

Starting price: 0.72

Current price: 0.84

Available: 24 Hours

Join Davor Coin here



5. Gold Rewards

Gold Reward is an ethereum based lending and reward system based on smart contracts. GRX tokens can earn up to 45% per month interest by holding or staking them, along with lending the GRX coins.

Gold Rewards Stats

Total coin supply: 20,000,000

Starting price: 0.46

Current price: 0.76

Available: Now

Join Gold Rewards here


6. EthereCash

EthereCash Stats

Total coin supply: 360,000,000

Starting price: ?

Current price: ?

Available: 15th November

Join EthereCash here


7. uCoin Cash

UcoinCash ICO starts in just over six days. They have a good looking website, functional exchange and a clear timeframe on when the coins can be purchased, when the exchange opens and when lending commences.


Ucoin Cash Stats

Total coin supply: 31,000,000

Starting price: 0.80

Current price: 0.80

Available: 15Th November

Join Ucoin Cash here

8. Regal Coin

Regal Coin is one of the first bit connect clones, and the value of the coin has already risen from $1 to over $70 as of writing this article.

Regal Coin Stats

Total coin supply: 27,000,000

Starting price: 1.0

Current price: 70.00

Available: Now

Join Regal Coin here


9. Hextra Coin

Hextra coin has already launched and the coin has already gone from $1 to around $14 as of time of writing.

Hextra Coin Stats

Total coin supply: 29,000,000

Starting price: 1.0

Current price: 14.0

Available: Now

Join Hextra Coin here

















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